VF V8 Orssom OTR Maf Cold Air Intake Kit Holden Commodore & HSV 6lt & 6.2lt

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POWER, PERFORMANCE & ECONOMY is what is achieved by installing one of these Orssom Performance Cold Air Intakes.

The GenAiration 4 Series intake suits all Holden VF SS and SSV V8 Commodores including the Holden HSV variants fitted with the 6.0 and 6.2 litre LS2 and LS3 engines, L76 – L77 – L98. Due to overwhelming sales and popularity of this Orssom Performance Cold Air Intake (Aust reg design No: 315677) to keep up with demand, we have recently started manufacturing these intakes out of Injected Plastic.

Orssom Performance products are NOT Vacuum formed or Rotational moulded like some cheaper intakes in today’s market, which use recycled plastic material. Our intakes are manufactured using Factory OEM Plastic material similar to whats found on other plastic components under your bonnet. Those other cheaper brands within time, will not stand up to the under bonnet temperatures resulting in, Cracking / Distorting, Air filters falling out of them and finally, find there way in the rubbish bin. “No wonder the “Orssom Performance” brand is the VF Holden owner’s most popular choice when it comes to Over The Radiator Cold Air Intakes”.

What you get in this OTR Kit:

  • Top Intake  Cover
  • Lower Filter Housing
  • K&N Air Filter re-washable ( Part No 33-2640 )
  • 2 x 102mm Rubber Bellows
  • 3 x Speed Clips
  • 3 x Phillips Head Screws
  • 1 x 10mm Length Vacuum Breather Hose
  • 1 x Mafless Adapter ( Can be used to retro fit Maf to Mafless at later date )
  • Fitting Instructions

This kit does not include the Airflow Sensor, you MUST use your original factory unit – click here to view correct sensor

The benefits of the Orssom Performance intake over our competitors are:

  • NO laying back of radiator to fit the intake
  • NO cutting or lengthening of any electrical wires
  • NO cutting of any body panels to fit intake
  • NO removing bumper bars to clean or replace air filters
  • MAF or MAFLESS, can be fitted with or without the factory Air Flow Meter (Custom tune is required if fitting Mafless). Extensive Research and Development has gone into designing these Orssom Performance Over The Radiator Cold Air Intakes. Be it on Road testing, Track or on the Dyno the following are Major proven factors that will be achieved when fitting an Orssom Performance OTRCAI to your vehicle.
  • Don’t let the sleek, Factory appearance of the intake fool you!!! Immediately upon installing the intake, you will notice the instant throttle response and smoothness in acceleration. You will also notice, you don’t have to accelerate as far to get you to the speed you where traveling prior to fitting the intake. Under hard acceleration the intake gives a nice Deep, Throaty Induction sound, just enough to let the guy at the set of lights next to you, know that you have some serious business under the bonnet.
  • Installation: The intake can be installed in around 30 minutes, with the aid of: 7mm & 10mm socket and ratchet, Phillips head and straight blade screw driver, Sharp knife or razor blade to trim the hood seal. (Easy to follow fitting instructions come in the kit). You can now also view the Installation Video on our You-Tube channel.
  • Warranty: Orssom Performance products are backed by a 12 months Manufacturers Replacement Warranty from purchase date, against faulty manufacturing (Failure to follow fitting instructions procedure will void warranty).
  • Disclaimer: Orssom Performance Products are designed for off road use only. CAI Pty LTD & Conrod Motorsport Pty Ltd T/A Orssom Performance, accept no responsibility nor will be held liable for any damages caused to Vehicle engines / Vehicles / Property / Lose of life / Injury or Injury to others, as a result of fitment of these products. Please consider carefully if this product is for you before purchasing.

On the Street:

  • Cooler air intake temperatures
  • Increased air flow to your engine
  • Increase in power and torque
  • Excellent throttle response
  • Improvement to your fuel economy
  • Orssom induction sound
  • OEM style for that stealth under bonnet appearance

On the Strip:

  • Cooler air intake temperatures
  • Increased air flow to your engine
  • Increase in power and torque
  • Excellent throttle response
  • Gains between 3 to 5 mph terminal speed
  • Up to ½ second off your ET (elapsed time)
  • Orssom induction sound
Product Information
Models This Fits VE SERIES 1
Material Made From OEM GRADE PLASTIC
SSV Product Code VF-V8-T


Fitment notes:

  • Suit VE SIDI V6 3.6lt Commodore - May 2009 Up to August 2011.  For vehicles built Sept 2011 and onwards please see our other listings.
  • Designed to retain your standard airflow meter (MAF).
  • This kit does not include the airflow meter, you must use your original factory unit.
  • Please check the picture of the MAF sensor shown in our images, to ensure your car matches this. If your sensor looks different, then this will not fit.
  • The intake can be installed in around 30 minutes, with the aid of: 7mm & 10mm socket and ratchet, Phillips head and straight blade screw driver, sharp knife or razor blade to trim the hood seal.
  • Easy to follow fitting instructions come in the kit.
  • A custom tune is recommended when fitting this product.
  • For further information, please review the installation instructions shown in the images for this listing.

Please take the time to read the information below as to why we recommend a tune be carried out when installing this particular product.

Engine Management Light:
The engine management light on your dash is also known as the EML. This light comes on when one or more of your sensors are not functioning properly Or the Maps that are set in your factory computer have gone over their set parameters, detailed below.

Fuel Trims:
Monitored by the Oxygen sensors, Fuel trims are used to (+) add or (-) subtract fuel from the engine. Why were fuel trims created? In order for vehicle manufacturers to comply with EPA emissions regulations.

Oxygen Sensors:
The purpose for Oxygen sensors which are fitted in the Exhaust systems is to sample the Air Fuel mixture & along with many other sensors located on your motor relay messages back to the factory computer on what’s happening at various points in the engine.

The Air Flow Meter:
In your VE Commodore the Air Flow Meter, Also known as a Maf sensor, is used to calculate the amount of air flowing thru the sensor & into your engine. The engines uses rpm in conjunction with the (MAF) to calculate engine load.

Factory Computer:
The factory computer has basic maps & parameters Tuned / Programmed in by the Manufacturer. Apart from the basics, the purpose of the computer is to carry out necessary adjustments to Fuel / Spark / Timing maps depending on the information it receives from these sensors

The EML light coming on is not a common problem, but can arise on some vehicle from time to time which are more sensitive than others.  In some cases, the fuel trim maps can go over the factory set ( + / – ) 15% parameter limit & trigger the engine light on the dash to come on. The factory sensors mentioned above are all working properly & have recognised the extra air now entering the engine, but the factory computer as yet has not compensated for that extra air.

This is not a product fault, regardless of which brand intake product that you install, you may still experience the same outcome with the EML. This EML light coming on is not only pinned down to Cold Air Intakes. On some cars fitting a sports exhaust has been known to trigger the EML light. If you do happen to experience an EML light coming on or have a combination of both intake & exhaust fitted to your vehicle and the light hasn’t gone away within the first 500km’s of driving, then we do strongly recommend a custom tune be carried out, as the factory parameters are stretched to their limit.

3 simple things we recommend you do:

  • If using E10 fuel get rid of it! Fill up your next tank with 95 or 98 Octane fuel. Even though your fuel cap says E10 suitable, we do not recommend it for maximum performance.
  • Disconnect your car battery for at least 15 mins. This will reset the factory computer and wipe out the engine light fault on the dash.
  • Drive your car for at least 300 to 500km for the computer can learn the new values. If the EML light doesn’t go off by then a custom tune is required.
SSV Product Code VF-V8-T
Brand Orssom
Shipping Weight 3.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.950m
Shipping Height 0.250m
Shipping Length 0.350m
Shipping Cubic 0.083125000m3

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